Calling all Dinosaur Fans. The second coin in The Royal Mint’s brand new series celebrating the Discovery of Dinosaurs is now available.


The coin shows an image of an Iguanodon along with a claw. The name Mantell and the year 1825 is on the bottom of the coin. There was a lot of discussion between palaeontologists about some fossils that were discovered, one person said they were Rhino teeth, another said they were a part of a fish. Gideon Mantell proved in 1825 that they were in fact from a dinosaur similar to an Iguana but at least 20 times bigger. He named it, with advice from William Conybeare, Iguanodon.

This coin has been issued in collaboration with the Natural History Museum so it’s certain to be popular with dinosaur lovers and collectors alike!


Also available - Megalosaurus and Hylaeosaurus


This coin is new and in perfect Brilliant Uncirculated condition (BUNC). BUNC coins are minted to a higher standard than coins made for circulation.

2020 Iguanodon

  • None for circulation.