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Release dates for the Harry Potter collection!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Get ready for the most magical collection of coins you have ever seen.

We can reveal that the first ever Harry Potter 50p coin has been released, and what's more, it is to be followed by three other spellbinding coins. The first coin in the set has the portrait of the famous wizard himself, Harry Potter, alongside the inscription, 'HARRY POTTER' and '25 YEARS OF MAGIC'. This coin, I am sure you will agree, is truly enchanting.

The three coins to follow will be: Hogwarts Express with the inscription, 'HOGWARTS EXPRESS' and continuing the theme '25 YEARS OF MAGIC' and will be released in December 2022. This coin will feature Elizabeth II.

Albus Dumbledore and the inscription, 'ALBUS DUMBLEDORE' and '25 YEARS OF MAGIC'. Due to be released in February 2023, this coins will feature King Charles III.

And finally, the one I think we are all looking forward to the most; Hogwarts School and the inscription, 'HOGWARTS' and, you guessed it '25 YEARS OF MAGIC'. You can get the final coin in your collection from April 2023. The portrait of King Charles III will be this coin.

Beat the queue and guarantee these coins for your collection as soon as they are released, just click here.

It's time to celebrate!

The Royal Mint is releasing a 50p coin to mark the 100th anniversary of the British Broadcasting Company, more commonly referred to as the BBC. The highly anticipated coin will feature a globe with transmitter waves accompanied by the inscription “1922-2022 100 YEARS OF OUR BBC INFORM EDUCATE ENTERTAIN”. The BBC was formed on 18 October 1922, and has been helped along by a few names that coin collectors are well aware of as they have featured on their very own coins.

Guglielmo Marconi was an inventor and electrical engineer known for his creation of a practical radio wave based wireless telegraph system. In 2001, a £2 coin was produced to commemorate his achievement in sending the first radio transmission across the Atlantic Ocean. Read more about Guglielmo Marconi and his life here.

John Logie Baird was also an inventor and electrical engineer who, on 26 January 1926, demonstrated the world's first live television system. He went on to invent the first colour television system. Baird's biggest accomplishments feature on a 50p coin which was released in 2021 to celebrate his amazing work. Read more about John Logie Baird and his life here.

Beat the queue and guarantee yourself a BBC 50p coin to add to your collection as soon as it is released, just click here.

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