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2p Coins
Buy One Get One Free

To take advantage of our Buy One Get One Free offer, simply purchase half the required coins. After buying your coins, get in touch using the Contact Us page, giving us the year of the coins you would like as your free coins. Please be sure to leave the same contact name that you used when placing your order so we can match your free coins to your order. 

Coin Condition Explained

Grading the quality of coins can be extremely complicated at the best of times. Those of you who know the standard coin grading system used in the UK will be well aware of how complicated and misleading the definitions can be, with 'GOOD' being a coin that is actually in poor condition, badly worn and covered in marks and scratches, and 'FINE' being a coin that is of average, worn condition!

Our grading system is much easier to understand.


These coins can vary in quality depending on their age. We leave them in their original condition as cleaning them can lead to severe tarnishing over time, we found that out the hard way in our early days! All the coins are checked before we post them to guarantee they are in good clean, even condition. Any 2p coin found with blemishes, dents or uneven ageing will not be posted. If you are at all unhappy with ANY coin received from British Coin you are always welcome to return it to be exchanged or for a refund. Just get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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£2 Coins
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