The obverse portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley has been used on all UK coinage from 1998 to 2015 and is the fourth portrait of the Queen used on coinage. 

The reverse is by Peter Forster and shows swords, maces and crozier with stars on the rim, to the left and right. It was November the 5th 1605 when Guy Fawkes and a group of other Catholics attempted to blow up the houses of parliament along with protestant King James I. They failed and Guy was captured. The original bonfire celebration was a celebration that King James had survived. 


There are also four known fault versions of this coin. The fault coins contain miss prints around the edge of the coin. The most known about is the miss print PEMEMBER REMEMBER or REMEMBER PEMEMBER. The less common coins state PEMEMBER PEMEMBER and even more scarce is PEMEMBEP PEMEMBEP. All fault versions are available to add to your collection, simply choose from the drop down list.

2005 Gunpowder Plot