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Twenty nine different 50p coins were issued for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (large numbers of other coin denominations were also made in connection with the games.

Each coin was designed by a different person.


Aquatics coin, by Jonathan Olliffe shows a female swimmer in water.

Archery coin, by Piotr Powage shows a hand drawing an arrow in a bow.

Athletics coin was designed by 9 year old Florence Jackson, using her high jumper design as featured on the 2009 Blue Peter coin.

Badminton coin, by Emma Kelly features a shuttlecock as its main design.

Basketball coin, by Sarah Payne features players on a ball textured background.

Boccia coin, by Justin Chung shows a player of the sport.

Boxing coin, by Shane Abery shows boxing gloves with a ring in the backgound.

Canoeing coin, by Timothy Lees shows a canoeist in choppy waters.

Cycling coin, by Theo Crutchley-Mack shows a cyclist racing on a velodrome.

Equestrian coin, by Thomas Babbage shows a horse, jumping.

Fencing coin, by Ruth Summerfield shows two people fencing.

Football coin, by Neil Wolfson shows a diagram of the off-side rule.

Goalball coin, by Jonathan Wrenn shows a playing with a ball in movement.

Gymnastics coin, by Jonathan Ollife shows a gymnast with a long ribbon.

Handball coin, by Natasha Ratcliffe shows a player about to throw.

Hockey coin, by Robert Evans shows a player attempting a tackle.

Judo coin, by David Cornell shows a player throwing his opponent.

Modern Pentathlon coin, by Daniel Brittain shows silhouettes of the five sports.

Rowing coin, by Davey Podmore shows two rowers and guidance mottoes.

Sailing coin, by Bruce Rushin shows sailing boats on the sea with a grid reference background and part of the coast of southern England above.

Shooting coin, by Pravin Dewdhory shows a marksman taking aim.

Table Tennis coin, by Alan Linsdell shows a ball bouncing over the net.

Taekwando coin, by David Gibbons shows two figures participating.

Tennis coin, by Tracy Baines shows a ball above a net.

Triathlon coin, by Sarah Harvey shows a runner, cyclist and swimmer.

Volleyball coin, by Daniela Boothman shows three lady players in action.

Weightlifting coin, by Rob Shakespeare shows the basic outline of a weightlifter.

Wheelchair Rugby coin, by Natasha Ratcliffe shows a player in motion.

Wrestling coin, by Roderick Enriquez shows two wrestlers in action.

2011 Olympics

  • Aquatics - 2,179,000

    Archery - 3,345,500

    Athletics - 2,224,000

    Badminton - 2,133,500

    Basketball - 1,748,000

    Boccia - 2,166,000

    Boxing - 2,148,500

    Canoeing - 2,166,500

    Cycling - 2,090,500

    Equestrian - 2,142,500

    Fencing - 2,115,500

    Football - 1,125,500

    Goalball - 1,615,500

    Gymnastics - 1,720,813

    Handball - 1,676,500

    Hockey - 1,773,500

    Judo - 1,161,500

    Pentathlon - 1,689,500

    Rowing - 1,717,300

    Sailing - 1,749,500

    Shooting - 1,656,500

    Table Tennis - 1,737,500

    Taekwondo - 1,664,000

    Tennis - 1,454,000

    Triathlon - 1,163,000

    Volleyball - 2,133,500

    Weightlifting - 1,879,500

    Wheelchair Rugby - 1,765,500

    Wrestling - 1,129,500

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