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To encourage men to sign up to fight in WWI it was made possible for local friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to serve together in a so-called Pals battalion. One hundred years later and it’s an odd concept – Why witness the suffering, death and general horrors of war with strangers. Do it all with your mates instead, as if that would make the whole thing easier! It wasn’t quite like that though, battalions consisted of hundreds to over 1000 men, so in reality they would not have all been close friends or neighbours. Some Pals Battalions suffered heavy losses in the first half of WWI and the idea was abandoned in Summer 1916.

The design was created by Tim Sharp and the creative agency 'Uniform' represents the Army and is a stylised image of a ‘Pals Battalion’.

The edge reads: FOR KING AND COUNTRY

2016 First World War

  • 9,550,000

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