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This 50p was issued in 2021 to mark 50 years since Decimal Day – the day that marked a dramatic change to our UK’s coinage system. The Decimalisation campaign announced that pounds, shillings and pence would be replaced by a decimal currency, with a hundred units in a pound. This brand new 50p, designed by Dominique Evans, features overlapping pre-decimal coins in an ode to Decimal Day, with the date ‘1971’ at the centre of the design.


Why not treat yourself to the Special Edition Decimal Day coin. This edition of the coin has the original portrait of the queens head as used on the original decimal coin back in 1971.


These coins are new and in Superior Brilliant Uncirculated condition (BUNC). BUNC coins are minted to a higher standard than coins made for circulation.

2021 Decimal Day

  • None for circulation.

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