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Struck during the year of his coronation, these eight brand-new designs that pay tribute to King Charles III, the four nations of the United Kingdom and the natural world. They represent a historic change for UK coinage.


Personally approved by The King, these new designs represent nature and conservation, causes close to His Majesty’s heart. The other half of each coin design includes a pattern based on The King’s cypher, showing three letter C's to represent King Charles III.

The New Definitive Coins

  • 1p Dormouse - Not yet known

    2p Red Squirrel - Not yet known

    5p Oak Tree - Not yet known

    10p Capercaillie - Not yet known

    20p Puffin - Not yet known

    50p Salmon - Not yet known

    £1 Bumblebees - Not yet known

    £2 The Four Nations - Not yet known

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