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Celebrate some of the most legendary dinosaurs to roam the Earth with these UK 50p coins in Brilliant Uncirculated collection. Comprising three coins featuring designs dedicated to TyrannosaurusStegosaurus and Diplodocus. Starting with a special coin dedicated to one of the most ferocious predators in history, the almighty Tyrannosaurus.


Following the T-Rex is the Stegosaurus 50p, making it the second coin in this series.

Known for its diamond plated back, the Stegosaurus (meaning 'roofed lizard'), wandered the earth throughout the Jurassic period.


The Diplodocus 50p is the third coin in the 2024 series. One of the tallest dinosaurs known to mankind, the Diplodocus, was alive during the Late Jurassic period and has been recorded to measure up to 36 metres tall.


Renowned palaeo-artist Robert Nicholls has meticulously created each design with the expert guidance of Professor Paul Barrett from the Natural History Museum.


These coins are new and in Superior Brilliant Uncirculated condition (BUNC). BUNC coins are minted to a higher standard than coins made for circulation.

2024 Dinosaurs

  • None for circulation.

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