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Exciting new coin releases!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021 we are again. The latest Royal Proclamation has been released and there is mention of five new coins for 2021. Lets take a look at what's to come.

H.G. Wells £2

A £2 coin has been confirmed for 2021, commemorating the life and works of H.G Wells.

Herbert George Wells was an English novelist, sociologist, and historian, best-known for his sci-fi thrillers War of the Worlds, and The Invisible Man.

This is one design to get excited about, as The Royal Proclamation states the coin will depict the Invisible Man and a Martian encircled by clock numerals accompanied by the inscription “H.G. WELLS”. The coin will have an inscription which reads “GOOD BOOKS ARE THE WAREHOUSES OF IDEAS”.

Sir Walter Scott £2

It has also been confirmed that a £2 coin will be issued in 2021 commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scottish novelist, historian, and poet, Sir Walter Scott.

This coin will consist of a depiction of Sir Walter Scott accompanied by the inscription “SIR WALTER SCOTT NOVELIST HISTORIAN POET” encircled by the inscription “250TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS BIRTH”. The wording around the edge of the coin shall read “THE WILL TO DO, THE SOUL TO DARE”.

John Logie Baird 50p

The first 50p coin confirmed for 2021 commemorates Scottish engineer, John Logie Baird, who was the first person to demonstrate a working television.

The design of the 50p features the inscription “JOHN LOGIE BAIRD TELEVISION PIONEER” accompanied by a depiction of a television mast emitting circular radio waves with the dates “1888” and “1946” aside the mast. These dates relate to John Logie Baird‘s discovery and developments.

Decimal Day 50p

It has been 50 years since decimalisation happened and we will be seeing a special 50p to commemorate the anniversary.

The design of the coin will feature the inscription ‘1971 Decimal Day’ and will have depictions of several pre-decimal coins.

2021 Team GB 50p

It was declared earlier this year that the 2020 Team GB 50p coins release into general circulation would not be going ahead in line with the Olympics being postponed. This meant that the few coins that were released to buy as new coins sold out quickly and are selling for around £30 on auction sites. This is bad news for collectors and coin enthusiasts, as it means most of us will not be getting hold of one. However, the new Royal Proclamation declared that the coin is going to be re-released in 2021, and it will be a full replication of the original coin, even down to the date on the reverse showing 2020 but will be dated 2021 on the obverse.

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