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Olympic coin lined up for 2020

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

It looks like 2020 is set to be another exciting year for coin collectors but what do we know so far? There are plans for a 2020 coin to celebrate Team GB at the Olympic games which is to be held in Japan.

2020 Dinosaur 50p coin

The Olympics start on the

24th July 2020. Whilst the final design of this coin hasn’t been revealed yet, it is suggested that it will feature symbols depicting individual Olympic sports accompanied by the Olympic Rings, the Team GB logo, the inscription ‘TEAM GB’ and the date ‘2020’

2011 Olympic coins

The craze of collecting Olympic 50p coins started with the 2011 set of coins which were produced to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics. This set consisted of 29 different coins, each one depicting

a different sport from the games.

One of these coins was redesigned before its release. The Royal Mint made changes to the Aquatics 50p to show less water crossing the swimmer making their face more visible. But a small number of the original coins were accidentally struck with the original design and entered into circulation. It's not known how many error coins were made and this makes them even more sort after.

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