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Coin Condition Explained

Grading the quality of coins can be extremely complicated at the best of times. Those of you who know the standard coin grading system used in the UK will be well aware of how complicated and misleading the definitions can be, with 'GOOD' being a coin that is actually in poor condition, badly worn and covered in marks and scratches, and 'FINE' being a coin that is of average, worn condition!

Our grading system is much easier to understand.

Average - All of the 'major' detail can be clearly read, but it is a coin that's suffered considerable wear over the whole of both surfaces and its high spots are worn.

Average + - The design, features, date and lettering are clear but the coin shows considerable wear to all its surfaces, high spots show more detail than an 'Average' coin.

Good - A coin where all the fine detail is present, but not the 'minute' detail and signs of wear and tear to its surface and higher points make it obvious that it has been in circulation.

Great -  A coin with much of its mint lustre. Sharp detailing with its high spots suffering from slight wear on close inspection and only minimal light scratches or marks to the surface.

Great + - A coin with sharp detailing, minimal wear to the highest points and most of it's original lustre with light scratches on the surface, or a coin with minimal scratches to the surface and less of its original lustre.

High - All fine and minute detail is clear, this coin is almost at uncirculated condition with almost all if not all of its original bright lustre still present.

Uncirculated - A coin that shows no wear at all, other than bag marks or minor mass production scratches, and looks as it did when it left the mint with all its finer details intact and with full lustre present.


We guarantee 100% satisfaction, so if you are ever unhappy with the coins you receive, we promise you a full refund on return of the coins. Please see our returns policy for full details.

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